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Artist Application

Complete the form to apply for a partnership! Expect a response within 24-48 hours. Working with us is free - we profit by helping you to profit! If approved, we'll contact you to start pitching for Paid Bookings.

Are you certain in your ability to sell 25+ tickets to a live show, assuming it's in a good location with ample promotion time?
Are you willing to guarantee the 25+ ticket sales by contract? (You'd have to repay the venue for missing ticket sales if you don't achieve your minimum of 25 tickets sold. This allows for a smoother booking process for your initial gigs.)
If we could provide you with paid show opportunities, how soon would you be ready to get started?
Upload File
Check ALL cities you'd like us to get you booked in. (If you can guarantee 25+ ticket sales, and can affordably travel there.)

READ: WAIT until you're at the Success Screen before leaving this form.

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